The National Survey of Working Women is an opportunity for advocates and the media to understand the challenges working women face, whether it’s on the job, balancing work and family, or leading in our communities. Tell us what stands between you and prosperity, and how we can change the rules together to create a better life for all workers.  

Speak Up Together! The results from the survey will be published in a written report and distributed nationally through media outlets, labor unions, and advocates. Through these networks, your thoughts and words will help inform the debate on what women want and bring the voices of real working women to the table.

We appreciate your time! This survey will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Your responses will be anonymous. Once you have completed the survey, you will be directed to a separate page on a secure website where you can choose to give your contact information so we can share additional information about the issues that matter to you. But even if you decide to share contact information, the final survey report will not include any identifying information.
How many jobs do you currently work for pay?

How would you characterize your primary occupation?

Do you work for a local, state, or federal government?

Pay status of your primary occupation:

Number of employees at your primary workplace:

Do you work under any of the following work arrangements:

Average weekly hours worked for pay:

Average weekly hours spent on caregiving and related activities:

(children, extended family, partner, etc.)

Average weekly hours spent on time for yourself and your own interests:

Over the past 12 months, has your personal financial situation gotten better or worse?

Please select the top three issues you see as the greatest barriers to your personal economic stability:

Sorry, please select no more than 3 choices.

Other issue (please specify):

Building an economy that works for all Americans requires each of us to take action to pressure lawmakers and employers to do the right thing. Which three of the following issues would you consider taking action to change?

Sorry, please select no more than 3 choices.

Other issue (please specify):

To understand the impact of incarceration on the work and lives of families, have you or someone in your immediate family been incarcerated?

In your current job(s), have you experienced discrimination by a coworker, supervisor, or customer/client, because of your:

Examples of discrimination include verbal harassment, physical violence, social isolation,  or other mistreatment.

Did you take action in response to this mistreatment?

Briefly explain the actions you took and the outcome:

How would you rate your overall job satisfaction?

Do you have the following benefits and options through your job(s)?

In your primary workplace, do you believe there are real opportunities for advancement for you and other women?

How would you rate your stress level on the job?

How would you rate your stress level at home?

Have you experienced the following conditions on the job?

Are you a union member?

Other union:

Are you a member of Working America?

Are you a non-union member with a job covered by a union contract?

Would you be interested in becoming a union member?


Do you consider yourself active in your union?

Do you regularly attend union membership meetings?

Do you regularly talk to your coworkers about union-related issues and events?

Do you currently hold an official leadership role in your union?

What helped you get there?

Are you interested in holding a leadership role in your union?

What prevents you from being active in the union?

Do you believe there are adequate leadership opportunities for you and other women in your union?

Does your local union have a women’s department or specific programs for women?

Electoral Participation

Are you registered to vote?

Did you vote in the past Presidential election in 2012?

Were you contacted by your union in the 2014 elections?

How did your union contact you about the election?

Do you plan to vote in the 2016 Presidential election?

What would make you more likely to vote?

Personal Information


Race and Ethnicity:


City & state of residence:

Have you served in the military?

Which best describes your sexual orientation?

How many children do you care for?

Enter “0” for no children.
Years of education & training:

Including years in high school, college, apprenticeship programs, certification programs, etc.
What do you expect your household income to be in 2015?

Based on your best guess, what percent of your household income do you earn?

Who in your household is primarily responsible for day-to-day financial decisions?

Let's take action!

Are you a regular member of any community-based groups?

How many hours do you spend in a week with community-based organizations?

Would you be interested in:

Thank you for completing the survey! Please provide your contact information so we can share additional information about the issues that matter to you.

In order to protect your privacy, the button below will take you to a separate form which is not connected to your survey responses.
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